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Extracting value from your data

Data is one of the most important asset of any business. It is an irony that most corporate hoard massive amounts of data, but is hardly available to the managers when they have to make a decision. Information services group of Madison business analytics addresses this key challenge and ensures that the information is available to mangers when they need it and in format that enables them to make informed decisions.

Our Information services group offer following services:


Data Integration Services

Data is the prerequisite for analytics. While organizations generate and collect reams of data, it is not always available in format that is easily usable for managers to take decisions or for analysts to conduct analysis. Our data integration team helps our clients to derive value for data. Read More

Remote Reporting Services

Standard reports are sent to managers in pre defined format at pre determined frequency. Generation of these reports is often tedious and locks up valuable time of managers. Madison Business Analytics can take the pain away with our remote reporting services. Read More

Centralized Excel Repository

Managers use Excel for budgeting, reporting and various other functions. Consequently, there are hundreds of sheets with often inconsistent data that keeps circulating within the organization. Madison Business Analytics solution uses the strengths of Excel and mitigates the downside of multiple versions. Read More


Managers want information – when they want it and not when it is made available to them. Self serving interactive dashboards that are accessible to the managers on a 24 X 7 basis are the most apt solution for information dissemination. Madison Business Analytics focus on adoption of BI as the key factor in developing dashboard solutions. Read More


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