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Remote Reporting services

It is a fact of life that periodic reports need to be sent on regular basis. These are the “Push Reports” that are sent typically sent in a standard format with a standard frequencyGeneration of these reports is often tedious and locks up valuable time of managers. Madison Business Analytics can take the pain away with our remote reporting services



We can automate the process of report generation and deliver standard reports in the preferred format – be it in Excel, PowerPoint or build custom dashboard.

If complete automation is not possible, we offer Managed Reporting Services.

Managed Reporting Services

In managed report services, we remotely access desktop (located at your premises), thru a secure pipe. Our executives then generate the report working from a remote location but connected to your desktop. You can review and comment on the report instantly.
We access your computer thru a secure connection that complies with your organization security policy. Remote executives will have access to limited set of data needed to generate the report. Importantly, our executives cannot pull any data out of your system. Remote reporting services bring in increased efficiency.


  • Transition Phase: During transition phase, our transition managers understand the reporting requirements and the data that goes into creating the reports. Based on this understanding, a transition strategy is formulated
  • Set-up Phase : Madison Business Analytics technology experts conduct technology audit, discuss with client IT department and set up the required technology infrastructure that meets the business requirements and also does not violate any IT policies set at the client organization
  • Parallel Phase: Remote executives create the reports and the same are vetted by the client managers. This phase irons out all possible hitches  and makes way for smother execution
  • SLA Phase : Our remote executives start generating the reports independently and the standards are governed by a strict SLA that covers quality and timeliness aspect.

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