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Managers want information – when they want it and not when it is made available to them.

Self serving interactive dashboards that are accessible to the managers on a 24 X 7 basis are the most apt solution for information dissemination. It appears dashboards have become a much abused word and adoption of dashboards and other business intelligence (BI) tools have become a challenge within the organization.

Developing dashboards for adoption by business users

Madison Business Analytics takes a refreshingly different approach that is designed to lower cost of ownership and more importantly ensure adoption. Key highlights of our approach includes

  1. During our requirement gathering phase, our focus is on defining the KPIs, understanding their relevance and dwell on the best way to deliver. Requirement gathering workshops are run by business consultants and not IT professionals.
  2. In many cases, our analysis and interaction with business managers have meant reduction in cost of deployment as we were able to provide simpler tools over more sophisticated and expensive alternatives.
  3. In our books, dashboards need to place strong emphasis on generating alerts, trending and extend scope by building a layer of predictive technology
  4. Usage reviews after 3-4 months of deployment is part of our engagement and we are willing to go back to drawing board and fix anything that will help in adoption
  5. We believe that opensource BI technology is the way forward. We have a special lab that is dedicated to review and focus on various opensource options. This helps in marrying the right tool for the requirement.
Sample Dashboard


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